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Bryan Jacques 996BP Hybrid

Bryan Hybrid 996BP Engine

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Making a Stronger 996!

This is Bryan’s hybrid 996 Ducati.  Bryan’s engine suffered a cracked crankcase after a crash at the race track.  After trying to source 996 cases Brian turned up with  998rs cases by mistake.  I came up with idea of making a hybrid engine using the bottom end of the Testastretta  mated with the original 996 Biposto barrels and cylinder heads.  This would create a much stronger engine due to the stronger material and design of the deep sump cases .

The crank was sent away with it’s rods, new Pistal pistons and flywheel to be fine balanced. Fine balancing reduces the strain on the main bearings aiding longevity of the engine and allowing use of a safer higher rpm limit.  The crank , after blueprinting the oil clearance was fitted and re-shimmed into the cases along with a corse close ratio gearbox.  The 996 barrells were fitted to the Testastretta cases and the only modification that was needed was some minor welding to the oil ways. 

The cylinder heads had some detonation damage from a previous overheating problem so whilst they were being welded and repaired Brian chose stage 1 custom porting to match his standard cams.  After the porting , the stock valves were modified with a back cut and polished along with a competition valve job.

On final assembly squish was set near 1mm and cams degree’d to standard specs.  On dyno day, the bike made 136 SAE hp.  This was pretty good considering the bike was built with stock sized valves, stock biposto cams, throttle bodies and exhausts.

Brian’s Testimonial – in his own words.

"Chris was able to rebuild my 996BP engine from an eclectic mix of parts, marrying RS02 crank cases with 996 BP barrels, installing high compression pistons and using his flow bench to good effect on my stock valve BP cylinder heads.  During the rebuild Chris kept me informed at all points, including the odd photo!  The result is an engine that pulls very strongly right through the rev range.  A recent weekend at Pembrey showed no mechanical glitches, being completely oil and water tight throughout.  Sounds great also!"

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