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Andy's 118hp 916 Biposto

The whole 916 Biposto engine was given a full engine blueprint with a balanced crank/flywheel assembly.  The heads received  a full flow bench  work-over  using the original stock, but modified and polished valves with new colsibro valve guides for reliability reasons.  The heads were milled for more compression and cams degree'd to standard specs. This engine has zero special parts. It's still using stock flat topped 916cc pistons, stock throttle bodies and a stock 45mm exhaust system with open cans.  Therefore this project is a test to make the most of all the standard parts and I can confirm it works .

Below are some pictures of the special re-shaped heads with colsibro guides, modified combustion chambers and polished valves. 

Every cylinder head received at CJS gets the same standard of work!

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The finished heads, resurfaced for more compression

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Stoned and reshaped inlet ports ith new guides

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Reshaped combustion chamber with polished stock valves

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Were not finished here 916 owners! There is another 916 Biposto being assembled  with these same heads by Hypertrick of Sweden .

See the results and other cool reports at www.hypertrick.net

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