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Adrian's 148hp 996 SPS

This is another test to see how much power could be made without the use of expensive exhaust systems and throttle bodies. This bike received some Pistol high compression pistons and a 37/31 valve conversion developed using the flow bench, velocity and previous dyno data.  The ports  were not carelessly hacked to a large size.  They have been reshaped to direct the flow where we want it with a good airspeed to match the  engines camshafts and intended RPM range.

After the heads were finished with new colsibro valve guides and the new valves, they were fitted and the cams were degree'd 5 degrees advanced only.  Click on images to enlarge


The result was huge seeing as this bike still had stock air box and filters, stock 50mm throttle bodies and a stock 996sps exhaust system with open cans.

The lower dyno graphs are of a 996sps with air filters and open pipes before and after mapping. The top line is the same but with Pistol pistons and a proper cylinder head re-work.

Why waste money on big expensive exhaust systems and throttle bodies when the truth is 150hp can be had with near stock components.  All the power is in the head!

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